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Irish sisters raising funds

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Sarah and Holly Frame are sisters, aged 10 and 8 viagra non generique. Touched by the work Hearts of Hope are doing, they went back home to Ireland after being on holiday in South Africa and decided to raise some funds. The girls decided to do a 2 mile swim and get sponsored for it.

“My name is Sarah and I am in 1st year at Cambridge House Grammar School. I recently visited the Hearts of Hope children’s home in South Africa. There are 28 children, including 11 babies living there. I am doing a 2 mile swim with my sister Holly, who is in P4 at Camphill Primary School, to raise money for these children. Every single penny we raise will go directly to the children’s home-there are no hidden costs. We would appreciate any donation that you make. Thank you very much”

The girls raised R15 000.00!

Thank you so much girls for your wonderful contribution and making such a difference to our children of Africa.