A non-profit organisation (NPO), known as Hearts of Hope located in Wendywood, has been operating for more than 18 years. The organisation’s main priority is to take care of vulnerable children by providing them with medical care, food and education.

The organisation is led by CEO Deborah van Dongen and managed by a board of directors and support team of staff members. Dongen said, “The organisation has a clear vision and mission of ensuring that the children receive the best possible standard of care until they can be placed with forever families.”

Most NPOs were greatly affected over the past few months due to the presence of the pandemic. It not only affected organisations like Hearts of Hope but also left many individuals and organisations in shambles.


Van Dongen added, “The past 18 months have had a devastating effect on income and donations. In addition, the number of vulnerable children in need of care and protection has multiplied substantially.

“Currently, the organisation has to turn away nine to 12 children a week as they are at full capacity. It is planned over the next few years that the organisation will be able to expand and be able to accommodate more children at risk and in need.”

Wendywood was the first choice for the location as it offered the organisation access to transportation, food and education.

Originally published in Sandton Chronicle, 22 October 2021