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Mahlatsi - He will bring joy

When we are asked by social workers to receive a child into our care, we are most times given a background report and where possible told their current ‘story’ of what has happened that has led them to be needing our care and protection.

On 18 March 2014, we received a call – a 21-month-old little boy needed to be removed from a ‘place of safety’. Undernourished and neglected, he had kwashiorkor (a severe form of malnutrition). Fortunately, we had space and the answer could be yes, bring him home. One of the assessments we make and have to report on when a child arrives, is their emotional state, for little boy M, we wrote this on 19/3/2014:

Emotional  condition of child upon admission:
Extremely traumatised, he is very anxious, wets his bed and is fearful. He is undernourished and underweight.
In preparing for him to be adopted 2 years later in April 2016, we wrote this:
‘M’ is an endearing, engaging, energetic, enthusiastic, inquisitive, and loving boy.  He has had a bad start, but his determination to be happy has enabled him to make remarkable progress emotionally and intellectually.  He is a universal favourite in our house with carers, children and volunteers. He has such potential and will be an outstanding addition to any family. He will need love, patience, acceptance, and lots of positive attention.  He will bring joy, unconditional love and mischievous fun to his forever family.  

So why is this important ?
His story is important because not only is he an exceptionally special boy, but he is now a teenager. What a gift his new family has given him, enabling him to have a childhood and a future.