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Monitoring and Evaluation

Hearts of Hope uses Wellbi for its monitoring and evaluation. We began implementation of the programme at the beginning of 2022 as a way of providing quantitative data for the organization.

Wellbi is an online platform used by non-profit organisations around the world to manage the data of children and adults they serve. This includes beneficiary profiles, programme related data such as attendance registers & process/intervention notes and assessments quantifying the wellbeing of beneficiaries being served.

Through tracking more than 140 different data points on each beneficiary and displaying these data points in easily understood dashboards, Wellbi helps organisation staff understand their programme impact and better allocate limited resources (time & money) based on data-driven decisions.

8 Wellbeing Domains Measured

Different wellbeing assessments, based on the Child Status Index (CSI Index) have been developed. This framework is recognised internationally and is used as a general standard in the OVC-care sphere. PEPFAR, UNICEF and other organizations use this framework in their programme development and measuring and evaluation activities.

The CSI-framework has 6 domains, but Wellbi has an added 2 wellbeing domains, of which Hearts of Hope is not measuring the economic domain, as our children are supported by the organisation and not by an individual family. The 7 wellbeing domains are divided into subdomains, and for each subdomain several datapoints or questions have been developed in Wellbi.