Thank you for your continued interest and support of Hearts of Hope and the children in our care.

As you know, our mission is to care for orphaned and vulnerable children, to give them a home and provide them with the much needed love, support and education that they have not received in their previous circumstances.

We would like to share with you some of our achievements over the past year, and having said that, these achievements are actually not ours but rather that of our incredible children. Children who have experienced unfathomable trauma and yet rise up and breakthrough.

The children received into our care this year have come from vast and extreme circumstances – abandoned in a hospital toilet, removed from a street drug addict, removed from a mother who was in such a drugged stupor she didn’t know her 2 year old was being removed, removed from a circumstance where sexual acts had to be performed and she was only 3, and heartbreakingly, given up for adoption by a destitute mom who couldn’t manage.

And yet these children rise up and overcome.

However, they can only do this in an environment that provides them with the opportunity to do so – thank you to our donor partners and supporters who make this possible, we could not care for these children without you.