Celebrating our achievements – 2018 at a glance:

365 – Days a year: The number of days we care for our children, 24 hours a day, 7 days week.

51 Vulnerable children we have cared for in our home in 2018.

34 – The number of abandoned, orphaned and vulnerable children and babies in our care, at any given time.

17 – Children who were either re-united with their families, or adopted by their new forever families.

21Of our toddlers defying the odds of their traumatic backgrounds and attending Nursery School with pride.

9 – Of our children successfully enrolled in Foundation Phase at mainstream schools, despite their disadvantaged backgrounds.

7 – Of our children confidently participated in a modern and hip-hop dance show at the Victory Theatre in Johannesburg, this year.

6 Of our employees successfully completed their Child Development Programmes, thus improving the high standard of care for our children.

5Homes we have re-structured due to “design thinking” changes. We now have 5 different household units, with 5 dedicated House Mama’s, resulting in more intimate and smaller homes, giving our children a more realistic family environment with improved individual attention.

3 – Of our children who arrived barely speaking English, who have been accepted into Grade 1 at main stream schools next year.

Reach for the moon and you will touch the stars”

A big thank you to Deborah and all of our staff, volunteers, teachers, donors and sponsors – You have all contributed to make the above achievements happen. “It takes a village to raise a child”.