October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month: We might not be able to stop the violence, but we can help break the cycle

How domestic violence affects our children is a hard story to tell, to confront, and to deal with. In our haven of a home, we experience the results of so many forms of domestic violence against children and babies – from verbal and physical abuse, to emotional and sexual abuse. This domestic violence and abuse results in traumatised victims. Victims being the point – these innocent and vulnerable children never choose to be in the violent situation that they are put in. They never choose to to live with the resultant trauma forever.

Over 60% of the children and babies that are placed with us, have been removed from domestic violent and traumatic situations, sadly from the people that they should trust the most – their parents and family members. All of them victims, whether they were violated personally, or having to bear witness to their siblings being abused.

At Hearts of Hope, we deliver our ethos of “GIVING CHILDREN BACK THEIR CHILDHOOD” and in our home, our children are not raised as victims, but as self-confident, self-assured and happy children. We need your constant support to help these violated children get onto their healing journey, which includes trauma counselling and play therapy, to ensure that they grow up to be happy and responsible citizens of society.