Some good news stories for 2018

In a world filled with negativity and bad news, here are some heart-warming snippets of the miracles that our team help make happen, through their hard work, dedication, love and hope.

Neglected, abused and abandoned children have arrived at our home – feeling devastated, lost, bewildered and frightened. These little souls have dug deep, and have found their strength and power within themselves, to change and grow into self-confident and “normal” little children!

Thembi* estimated at 2 years old, spent the first 6 months screaming and crying from arrival. She is now settled and has developed into a self-assured and happy child, showing great improvements and self-confidence, with a beautiful smile!

Tsolo* arrived terrified, beaten and malnourished, with nothing except horrific burn scar marks on his little body. He is now calmer and comfortable at our home. He has grown to become fanatical about cars and if you do come over for a visit, he will most likely ask you what car you drive!

Many of our volunteers may know Zelda, who was our very first child at Hearts of Hope. She arrived at 9 years old, neglected and gravely ill. We nursed her back to health, raised and cared for her. Twelve years later, an adult Zelda has left our home and lives independently with a cooking and cake decorating job.

See our Vision Video with more of our stories and testimonials, with a few words from Zelda.

In 2018: Seventeen of our children were either re-united with their families, or got their new forever families through adoption.