The past year has not been without its challenges. We receive 22% of our funding from government and the balance we have to fundraise for. The economic climate has reduced our donations from individuals by 23%. School fees and the increase in water and electricity costs result in our overheads increasing substantially.
The support from donors is essential to ensure our sustainability, and that the children leave having received the best possible care and education, transforming them from victims to children with a sense of self-worth. It helps some for a short period of time before they are placed with their forever family, and others who stay with us until they are 18 and can leave as educated, independent and contributing members of society.
Check out our Fundraising Calendar to make a difference, pledge your support and be a part of the action.
Our up-and-coming fundraising events in 2018:
25 October 2018: Quiz Night Challenge at the Country Club Johannesburg, Woodmead
1 December 2018: G-BETS Gauteng Summer Cup @ Turffontein Racecourse
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