“Raising a vulnerable child requires more than food, water and clothing. It requires love, attention, education, discipline and commitment regardless of their actions.” Hearts of Hope philosophy

Our priority at Hearts of Hope is to try to provide children with ‘forever families’. If possible, to unite children with their biological direct or extended families, however if this is not an option, to support their adoption and placement in loving and caring homes where they can be given an opportunity for a lifetime of love, care and belonging.

On an annual basis, Hearts of Hope have 15-18 children leave our care, enabling us to look after 60/65* children in our beautiful children’s home on an annual basis. This success rate of reunification and adoption is unusual and is a combined effort of the tremendous work by the team at the home in preparing the children for life and enabling them to be easily ‘adoptable’ as well as the wonderful work done by our social workers and associated partner agencies.

Whilst it isn’t always possible to find local adoptive families, resulting in many international adoptions, we now have a global village of Hearts of Hope children as well as our local home. Our children now live in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Austria, Luxembourg, USA and the Netherlands.

Hearts of Hope isn’t like most children’s homes. We focus on the depth of our reach and not just the breadth. Our children receive the highest standard of care, psycho-social support and education we can afford. We focus on the best possible quality of care.

And that’s because, having had families of their own, these women are determined to not merely provide a roof over children’s heads. Instead, Hearts of Hope provides a home and family for each child, until he or she can find a forever family of their own. Should they not be placed with a forever family, Hearts of Hope is that family. Our role is to equip them to be educated, well adjusted, self-sustaining individuals by the time they leave at 21 years old. We aim to give them back their childhood.

We have an incredibly dedicated staff without whom we would never be able to give our children back their childhoods. We can never say thank you enough – you guys make a difference in our children’s lives every day!