As one of our platforms of care, Hearts of Hope provides a safe home for vulnerable children. Hearts of Hope purchased a home in Wendywood and took occupation in December 2007.

We have successfully completed our renovations, that began in 2013. Hearts of Hope now cares for 43 orphaned and vulnerable children aged between birth and 18 years old.

The home has a wonderful team of management, caregivers and volunteers who together ensure the children are equipped to be the competent, independent individuals they can be.

There is a saying in Africa ‘it takes a village to raise a child’ – this is our premise. It takes the contributions of us all to raise the children in our care.


  • It is close to donors – there are many companies in the area and it provides safe and secure access for volunteers, the core of our projects.
  • There are good schools within walking distance
  • It offers good taxi access for employees
  • It allows for management of the project as many of the Hearts of Hope directors and existing volunteers live in the vicinity
  • It is a ‘storehouse’ from which everything can be distributed from, avoiding off-site storage costs
  • Social worker services are an essential ingredient for all our projects. The house provides a facility from where social workers can work and all our projects can access these services
  • Funders and participants have a destination to go to, to assess the organisation and the projects before deciding on their level of involvement


  • Is to assess and understand each child individually.  We develop holistic care and interventions for each child whilst providing a secure nuclear family based environment.  This is done with well-structured well monitored processes, by high quality staff and strong hands-on management

  • To give the best life to every child – to let them be children.  But to equip them with both the skills and self-belief for a successful self-sufficient adulthood


  • We have had more than 175 children pass through our home since 2009. All of them successfully adopted or re-united with their families

  • Newborn babies who come through without HIV infection, as mother to child transmission has been prevented

  • Our kids that have been adopted abroad have all integrated well into their respective families. Read some of the letters received from adopting parents here

  • Our kids can go anywhere and socialize at all levels. They understand the principles of sharing. They respect the authority of adults, their table manners and etiquette are of the highest standard

  • They teach each other: We find new children come in to the home with little or no social skills, within weeks they have adjusted. They develop both a self-awareness and skills to help them get along with others