“My granny threw me and my sister away” – The harsh reality of child abuse in SA, and the most difficult cases in our history.

This year we have welcomed seven new babies and children into our care. We welcome you into our loving family and are grateful for the opportunity to give you back your childhood.
Poverty and its impact on society continue to be a large contributor as to why children are placed in a children’s home. We have seen a rise in the number of HIV positive babies coming into our care and the vast majority of children placed with us are victims of appalling abuse, often as a result of drug and alcohol addicted parent(s). We have also received recently the most difficult cases in our history: a two year old thrown off a moving train; prostituted sibling girls, aged 4 and 2; two boys, uneducated and already 4 and 5 years old, removed from drug dens; siblings of 5 and 2 kicked out of their grandmother’s flat and put on the streets with a tiny backpack on the 2 year old. When the little brother is asked where he comes from, he replies, ‘My granny threw me and my sister away’.
Their awful stories go on and on. As a result, therapeutic care and trauma counselling are essential. Their educational difficulties are compounded by the fact that they need to learn how to love themselves first, and then find enough peace to be able to concentrate and learn while in the classroom and manage in their new home environment.